something old, something new

The something old is me. I’m not really saying I’m old (26 isn’t bad honestly), but I’m the oldest thing in my life… mostly because I am my life but whatever. The something new would be this fantastic, wonderful, inexplicable feeling I get in my chest every time I think about one person in particular. I’d thought I’d loved guys before, but after meeting Daniel I really question whether I loved those other people at all. At least like I thought I did.

In September of 2014, I met a man who would very quickly flip my entire world upside down. In this first post I’ll spare you the sappy details of our relationship but just be warned that, at some point, they might come out. All you really need to know is that I’ve found my one. I’ve never really been a believer in love at first sight. I more follow “the click” philosophy. That there are people out there that you just meet and instantly get on with. They understand you and vice versa all without having to explain yourself much if at all. That’s how it was with Daniel.

Along with not being a believer of love at first sight, I also always kinda thought I was too much of a dreamer to ever get to the point at which I am. That I would always want more from a relationship than the other person could give. That I’d always want more from myself and that the person I was with wouldn’t want to take those journeys with me. So when I discovered I’d found someone who gives me more in a relationship without me even knowing I wanted it, someone who doesn’t only want to go on my journeys with me but wants to lead the way in some of them… I knew I’d found something special.

This is my something new. Going into a new year with someone at my side who wants to tackle ever obstacle life may throw at us as a team isn’t something I ever thought I’d have and I feel like writing about that adventure is something that will benefit me in the end.

So that’s the ultimate goal of this blog. I’m trying something new in inviting someone into my life to share all the special moments, so I figured I’d try something new in writing about it. Fingers crossed this sticks.


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