auld lang syne

happy new year, interwebz! so what i’m like three days late on this? it’s been a busy week for me. but i joined wordpress’s “blogging 101” class and today’s assignment is “introduce yourself”. i only kinda did that in my first post, so here’s more of an introduction on me.

my name is samantha wintz. i’m 26 years old and from central kentucky. i’ve been riding horses since i was roughly five years old, i work at target and own a pitbull named athena. i’m engaged to a united states soldier named daniel (for those of you who have read past entries… I GOT ENGAGED!) and i’m looking to enlist in the united states air force reserves. my plan is to do reserves until i finish my bacehlor’s degree in psychology (i have an associates in radio and television broadcasting already) and then go active duty as an officer. from there i plan to put in 20+ until i finish a phd in psych and then retire military to open my own practice treating ptsd victims and helping service members transition back into civilian life through equine therapy.

my life has been a pretty interesting one. well, it was boring up until the summer before my senior year when i was in a near fatal car accident that pretty much changed my life. i mean, who wouldn’t walk away from nearly dying a changed person? but it’s made me who i am today and i wouldn’t change that for the world. it was a rough journey getting here, but every step and misstep has been worth it ten fold. the spring after my accident, one of my best friends died in a car wreck and that helped shaped me as well. greatly. then this past spring another high school friend of mine was murdered and that helped put me back on the path i’d sorta strayed from (enlisting).

2014 was definitely an interesting and brutal year. from having my heart beaten up and my trust broken by the last person i thought would ever do those things to me to losing an old friend to moving to a completely foreign place to me and then finally meeting the man i will one day call my husband… it’s been one hell of a ride.

and 2015 promises to be one hell of a ride as well! this blog, and my vlog, is my invitation to you to join me in this adventure. i want you all to take a peek into my journey of becoming an army wife and enlisting in the air force. i want you to share in the ups and downs of it all. so grab a seat, buckle up and let’s go!!


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