worth a thousand words

Yesterday I sat down at my laptop and decided that I was going to create a webpage for my photography and I wasn’t going to get up until I was finished. It took longer than it probably could have mostly because I stopped just before loading the galleries to Skype with Daniel. Technically, I didn’t get up so I did what I said I would.

I know I said this blog was going to be filled with images of inspirational moments. Pictures to inspire, and while there will be some of that, it’s not going to be just that. Yeah, I lie… my bad guys. I’m a pretty optimistic person and generally have a positive attitude but there are days (sometimes more than one in a row) where I get into pessimistic funks. They’re not depressive, just not as cheery as usual, and I find it sometimes difficult to find beauty in the little things. Or I see it but don’t feel motivated to care.

But in writing that last entry I realized that no matter how I’m feeling, if I just start writing I always come out feeling better. So while I’ll try and put as many little rays of sunshine via visual images in here, I’m not going to make it solely photographic. That’s why I have my photography page. I’m going for the same goal over there, so it felt a bit redundant to do that here as well.

So be sure to check out my work. Tell me what you think if you like, I appreciate all kinds of critiques. And if you’re ever in the Fort Bragg area and need a friend drop me a comment or an email! I’d love to meet you and show you around!

TimeWillNowBe Photography


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