aim high. fly. fight. win.

For those of you who have been reading since the beginning or went back and read old posts after finding a newer one, you know I want to enlist in the Air Force Reserves. For those of you who didn’t know that… well now you do.

My process to enlist in the Air Force actually started about three years ago when I first went into the recruiting office in Lexington, Kentucky. At the time, I was looking to do active duty but knew that it would be difficult because of the heart surgery I had when I was 17. My senior year, I spoke to a recruiter that came to my high school about enlisting and he said with my heart surgery it was impossible. Then I made a few friends who were USAF and they said I could try for a medical waiver. What was the harm in trying right?

So that’s what I did. I appealed the automatic denial I got at MEPS to the Surgeon General of the Air Force and he came back with a resounding “no”. At the time, I just kinda left it at that, but a little ways down the road I decided to look back into enlisting, this time with the Army National Guard. When I had first gotten denied, my recruiter at the time told me to try a different branch, but being young I wanted the Air Force and nothing else. After a few years I decided it was better to serve anywhere I could than live with a stick up my ass. That recruiter asked me to get in touch with my AF recruiter to make sure my disqualification the first time was purely for the heart surgery and nothing else. So I did.

The response I got back had me shift my sights from the Army National Guard to the Air Force (active duty still). He told me that the SG had been concerned with the integrity of my sternum from my heart surgery. Typically, when you have the procedure I had done, they crack open your chest at your sternum and do what they need to do. But for my surgery they went in through my back. There was no cracking of my sternum, therefore there was no reason for the SG to be concerned with it’s integrity.

So I went back into the Air Force recruiting office and started the process again. Que me moving to North Carolina. Once here, I tried to get the process moving again but had absolutely no luck getting a hold of anyone in the active duty office. Sitting outside their door waiting for someone to maybe even show up, I was talked into sitting down with an Army Reserves recruiter. Mind you, I still really wanted the Air Force, but I sat with him anyway and in talking to him I decided that instead of pursuing active duty, maybe I should go reserves with the Air Force, finish a bachelor’s and then commission active as an officer.

And that’s when I sat down with Master Sargent (MSgt) Q. His last name is actually quite long and I’m certain I wouldn’t spell it correctly, but he’s the only Air Force reserves recruiter in Fayetteville, so if you need to get a hold of him he’s not hard to find. But we got the process started down here and about two weeks into that I was forced to move once again. I knew I was coming back, just wasn’t sure when, so I told him to hold onto my docs and when I got back we’d pick up where we left off.

Fast forward four months and I’m back. So this past Monday I went down to the recruiting office on Pope Army Airfield and say with him again. Filled out the paperwork that had expired, got him a copy of my new social security card as well as my marriage license and he sent off my stuff to the Raleigh MEPS requesting a screening. Now I’m just waiting to hear back from them, which he said I should by next week.

Slowly but surely my life is moving in the direction I want it to. Now if only I could find a job in this over-saturated town things would be great. I’ve got an interview at 1430 so fingers crossed that pans out.


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