Amanda’s Advice for Brides-To-Be

The season for weddings is almost upon us. I have several friends who have been planning their big days for months now and several more who are recently engaged that are starting the planning process. But while I have all these soon-to-be bride friends, I have several who recently tied the knot as well. One in particular decided to make a list on her Facebook to help all her friends who are taking a trip down the aisle and while I didn’t exactly have the same kind of wedding she did, I found that a lot of what she pointed out could be applied to my situation as well. So with her permission, I bring you…

Amanda’s Advice for Brides-To-Be:
‘ ‘ 1.) There’s no such thing as planning something too soon.
    2.) Have a bridal shower/bridal luncheon/bachelorette party/visit bridal shows. You’re only going to be a bride once, so do everything you can to enjoy it. These may sound like silly traditions, but take it from someone who didn’t get to have them… you’ll regret not doing them. Don’t be afraid to be open with your closest friends and family about this one so they’ll be sure to make time for everything. The only “bride” type thing I got to enjoy was buying my dress. (It was one of the best days ever.)
    3.) Make sure you get pictures at the wedding with the people most important to you. This may mean discussing important pictures with your photographer beforehand, because you’ll be too busy to think of it the day of. I have no picture from my wedding with my mom. Yup. Go me.
    4.) Don’t try to do everything by yourself. If you have friends or family that have time, have them help you! Making decorations, discussing floor plans, looking through pinterest ideas, browsing through photo options, going over lists. Trust me, not only will it help you out, but I would imagine it would be more enjoyable. It’s another way to enjoy being a bride!
    5.) Don’t be afraid to be a bridezilla if needed. If a vendor or worker flat out drops the ball or flakes about anything leading up to your big day and it causes you to doubt their service… TRUST YOUR GUT. They are working for YOU. This is supposed to be YOUR day. So if they’re unprofessional in any way, drop them and move on to someone else. Trust me.
    6.) ENJOY THE RECEPTION. Because I didn’t trust my gut about the douchebag who did my hair and makeup (refer back to advice number 4), we had no time to do pictures before the ceremony. Because of this, we had to spend our time after food, 1st dance, and toasts doing pictures. By the time we finished pictures, almost all of our guests had already left, and our vendors were headed out the door. After months of planning and lots of money spent for this party, we didn’t even get to enjoy it. I wish I could have been able to dance with friends, mingle with family, goof off in the photo booth, and play some cornhole. From what I was told by guests, they had a great time! Just be sure to take the time to enjoy yourself! Have fun with your new husband, family, and friends! It’ll probably be the only time they’re all in one place at one time
I know a lot of ladies are getting engaged lately, and I’ve had some asking me questions. So I figure this is a good way to get some advice out to anyone who wants it. Take it or leave it. Good luck on your planning endeavors! ‘ ‘

Like I said, a lot of this didn’t apply to my wedding. First off I think I was engaged for all of a month and a half before we actually took the dive. Second, we “planned” our wedding by saying “This day is the soonest I can get down to North Carolina” and it involved both our parents and his best friend and that was it, so it wasn’t difficult for me to get pictures with everyone I wanted to.

While I didn’t have as much stress as I’m sure Amanda did while she was planning her wedding, there were stressors there. I think that’s how it’s always going to be when you do something like this. You either stress about the fact that you’re getting married or you stress about the little things that make up the process. I stressed over the latter because the actual thought of getting married, while scary at first, didn’t really bother me that much.

But since we didn’t have an actual wedding with all the bells and whistles, it’s our plan to do a vow renewal, likely on our one year anniversary. That will be our party. We just wanted to get the legal stuff out of the way first since, according to the military, you mean nothing until you’re married. Girlfriends come and go fairly easily and while the same can be said about wives now-a-days, there’s a bit more expectation to make things work if you’re legally bound.

I’m glad my friend made this list and, while she intended it for brides-to-be, I’ll definitely be referencing it when it comes time to plan our “party”. Which should be soon if I’m going to adhere to tip number one. What advice do you have for those soon-to-be newlyweds?


3 thoughts on “Amanda’s Advice for Brides-To-Be

  1. That’s a great idea! Getting the legal stuff out of the way and having the “wedding” wedding later. My boyfriend wants me to marry him right now instead of waiting until I get out of college in a few years so that I can live with him on base during the summers and get benefits to pay for college. The only thing making me hesitate is the fact the I don’t want to give my parents heart attacks. I’m 18 and they’re just getting used to the idea of me dating period. My dad doesn’t even know I’m engaged….


    1. generally speaking, when it comes to marrying into the military, the phrase “the sooner the better” couldn’t ring more true. I only dated my husband for two or three months before we got married. my parents wished I would wait longer but they supported it. they knew it would make me happy and really, that’s all any parent ever wants. if your only hesitation is your parents reaction, try sitting them down and discussing the pros and cons. show them that it’s really not a bad thing.

      though, as for the g.i. bill helping you with college, that’s not all there is to it. when you marry your boyfriend, either he gets to use it, you get to use it or you can save it for your children. my husband and I both have our associates and while I plan on going back to school, I’m not going till I’m in the air force reserves and can use my own bill. as of right now, he’s saving his bill for our first child.


  2. Thanks hopefully they understand. I don’t know much about g.i bills but I have seen tons of scholarships. But the main thing that he pointed out is that there’s really no good reason to wait any longer since we’re both positive.


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